BSMC x Hedon Club Racer

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Back in 2015 Hedon were the first brand with which we had the honour of collaborating on a beautiful set of open face helmets. Fast forward two incredibly busy years and the myth of the tricky second album was dismissed with our range topping HEDON x BSMC CLUB RACER. Following the stunning clean lines of the Heroine lid and taking a little inspiration from retro Japanese and vintage racing lids we together created this simple yet striking monochrome design. As with all Hedon Heroines the Club racer benefits from a wide field of vision, Anti-Fog double lens and a 3 channel ventilation system, this lid is not only stylish but also incredibly functional. The visor is available in 3 sexy colours. Made in strictly limited numbers the CLUB RACER is fast leaving empty shelves in its wake so if you want one you know what to do.